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Becoming a Smarter Home-Seller

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Negotiating 101

 Learn to 
Negotiate like a Pro
The nine essential tips that guarantee you’ll get the best deal when you negotiate the sale of your home. Here's a crash course so you can learn all the techniques that experienced negotiators rely on.

Write an Effective Ad for Your Home  
Filling in the blanks of an MLS form doesn’t cut it anymore. Learn the three qualities every real estate ad needs in order to attract serious buyers.

Why Hasn't Your Home Sold?

"Why Hasn’t My Home Sold?"  
Are you wondering why you haven't received a purchase offer you like? Here’s a simple reality check to see if the problem could be YOU.

Help Your Realtor Sell Your Home

How to Work With A Realtor
Here are my uncommon common-sense rules to build an enjoyable and profitable relationship with your realtor, one person who determines how long your home stays on the market.

What a Restaurant Can Teach About Staging

How to Merchandise Your Home the Way Restaurants Sell Food
When you put a home on the market, you are opening your doors for business. Look to a successful business – a restaurant – to learn its formulas for success!

If You Are Flipping a House
The Lowdown on
Flipping a House
Are you considering selling an unoccupied home? Learn the pros and cons of selling a home that you don’t live in, and my suggestions for staging.

How Not to Photograph Your Home

Flatter Your 
Home with Photos 
A picture of your home is a buyer’s first online look at what you have to offer. Here are the nine most common photography mistakes and the simple ways to avoid them.

Getting Feedback from Househunters

How to 
Tap into the Minds of Buyers
Buyers don’t tell you what they think. See (and imitate) what one smart realtor did to determine what buyers liked and didn’t like about the properties she showed.

How to Hire a Realtor

How to Hire a Realtor
Choosing a salesperson for your home is important. Here’s the inside scoop on finding the perfect realtor, secrets that fly in the face of the usual advice.

Enticing Buyers to View Your Home

Getting Buyers to
 View Your Home 
You’ve decluttered and cleaned and staged. It’s time to show it off! Here are the little things you can do to draw potential buyers to come see your home.

Get all the help you need to sell your home with tips like these in my eBooks. You can start today to get your home sold fast for a price you like!

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